College Advising

Academic Link is providing its college admissions advising and entrance exam prep this summer for the tenth year in a row!

Here is an example of what we offer for college advising. Every step in this process will be tailored for each student’s goals and desires!

We help identify colleges that would be a good fit for the student, focusing on the college’s community and values as well as location, programs of study, cost, AP/credit transfer opportunities, and admission criteria.

Once five colleges have been chosen – “top three”, one safety school, and either one reach school or an additional safety school – we begin the admissions process. Together, we will write essays, begin applications, research scholarships and grants, and create a college resume. All of the work we do with the student is uniquely adapted to that student.

We will also review previous scores and practice tests for ACT/SAT, discussing how best to meet the admissions criteria for the selected colleges, and preparing to take the tests again (if necessary) in the fall. College entrance tests should be completed no later than November for the ideal admissions timeline. Find more information about how the SAT and ACT tests are scored by clicking here.

Our admissions expert’s calendar fills up very quickly, so give Academic Link a call at (425) 827-8137 or send us an email and we can help get your student college-ready this summer!